Capush and Lev Journey

Most amazing moments so far

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In the last several years I've made many things! Started working at Superfish, left Superfish on time, started my own thing, left why buy a little bit too late. Invested in multiple entrepreneurship steps, and they moved to a new ones. Started going to gym multiple times and stopped going there multiple times +1. Moved out of my Apartment in Bat Yam. Moved to my parents, Moved to Azor. One thing I did right ( partially by design partially by luck and chance ) I've met you and got in a relationship with you. And from that moment my life became unrecognisably better than ever before. So I thought to myself if our relationship is so great why not make it a lifetime long.

Amazing Food

I am in love with everything you create from salads to Fritatats to Paleo desets. I love making my special "havita im Pitriot and Gvina" and even more making steaks when your paleo kicks in :)

Awesome Conversations

With the exception of "work interview" we had amazing conversation right from the start. From Ancient Aliens to How "Shuba" tastes like legs. You are smart , sophisticated and funny. I love you.

Great Collaboration

We get along perfectly and I enjoy every last of my responsibilities ( including and especially delayed dish washing ).Those things came to us naturally and almost automatically as if we did it together always.

Our Time Together

Here is a little collection from many trips and experience we had

My Services

here are some features that make's me a great match for you in the long run.

Ordering technicians to fix the stuff around the house

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Great connection like a twin souls

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Throwing the garbage

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Throwing cool gadgets all over the house

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Occasional Trips to awesome locations

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Being a helping hand and listening ear

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Why Choose Me

Great Income
Sense of Humour
Creativity and Romantics
Miss-Hearing and Random Interpretation

Lifetime with me vs Other options

Living with Lev


Eat Everthing You Make


Clean After Myslef

Sleeping wel

Mostlt Lighr Snorring

Living with Lev is totally awesome

Living with Cats


Buy Cat Food


Clean After Cats

Sleeping Wel

Meaww & Door Scratching

Living with cats sucks donkey balls

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