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Savings & Investments

SJG Financial Services offer wealth management advice to individuals, trustees and businesses, which is specifically designed around their individual circumstances.

SJG Financial Services will take the time to get to know you and your requirements, offering sound and trustworthy financial advice that adapts as your needs change over time.


Pension Advice

Sooner or later we all have to think about how we’ll manage when we retire. In the Western World and other developed countries, demographics show a growing ageing population that will bring even more pressure on the State to meet social costs. This in turn will put upward pressure on tax in these countries.

So the State Pension probably won’t be enough to see us through retirement. It is therefore sensible to create a fund to enhance your pension, which can be done through a mixture of regular monthly investment into offshore retirement plans and single premium investments offshore where there is the benefit of tax free gross roll up of interest.

At SJG Financial Services we will assess the value of your current pension arrangements and analyse through forward planning to age 60/65. If there is a shortfall we identify how much it is and work with you towards remedying it.

The good news is, the earlier you start saving, the longer your money will have the potential to grow and in turn your retirement income will be what you hoped for. So there is no better time to get started. The key to pension planning is contributing the correct amount, reviewing your plans regularly and obtaining expert advice as to where to invest to maximise your returns.


Tax Planning

Using tax-law provisions to your full advantage, maximizing all of the tax breaks available to you, accelerating/increasing all available tax credits and tax deductions.

As an individual working overseas or settling in a location for favorable taxation, international tax planning can be quite a hassle. The rules and regulations are often complex, and understanding what you need to do to comply with all necessary domestic and international requirements can seem daunting. How can you get the most favorable taxation rate? If you settle as a tax resident in a country but don’t want to stay there permanently, will your foreign income be tax-free? How can you register in a foreign country for tax purposes? While international tax planning can seem overwhelming, keeping these five tips in mind will help things go a bit more smoothly.

1. Take the time to understand what income qualifies as tax-free.

2. Make sure you understand your tax obligations to your home country.

3. Make sure you understand relevant tax laws and treaties.

4. Remember, documentation is key.

5. Don’t wait until the last minute.

In order to minimize stress and maximize your financial potential, you need a comprehensive long-term international tax planning strategy. So, don’t wait until the last minute! Take the time to plan accordingly.

The bottom line is that all tax planning can be complicated, and international tax planning is even more complex because there are many rules, regulations, and variables to consider. Therefore, in order to ensure you have an effective international tax plan in place, it can be advantageous to seek advice from an experienced professional who can provide you with advice related to your unique situation.


Education Fee Planning

Education is a key subject and one that’s often the source of heavy debate. Where do we want our children to be educated? Where are the best schools and teachers? What type of education do we want to be able to provide and, importantly, how much will it cost?

As parents, we want the best education for our children and we want to be able to afford it. Yet, when we take a look at the costs, it can be a bit of a shock.



Why Protect Your Life? The death of a spouse who is the main income generator is not just a physical death, it is also potentially the death of an income. The effect of the loss of that income on the remaining members of the family during the ‘dependency period’ can be quite dramatic.

A life insurance policy is designed to pay out a lump sum upon the death of a person or persons named on the policy.

There are many reasons why life insurance is required, the most common being to provide for a loved one, or to ensure the repayment of a long-term debt such as a mortgage.

It makes sense to ensure that you have sufficient life cover to repay your mortgage if you die. This is particularly important if you own the property with a partner or have a family. If you have a young family you should consider the financial impact on the family if one of the parents were to die.

In some cases only one partner may be in employment while the other brings up the children, however you should both consider life insurance as there will be significant financial pressure if either of you were to die. If the working partner were to die, the family have lost the benefit of the regular income. If the partner bringing up the children were to die, then the remaining partner may need to give up work, reduce their hours worked, take a different job, or pay for additional support such as childcare. Either way, the loss of a parent will not only have a huge emotional impact, but a major financial one as well.

Even if you are single, in some circumstances it is still a prudent decision to take out insurance. You never know when your circumstances may change and you may find you are uninsurable when you attempt to apply in the future.

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About us

International Independent Financial Advisor specialising in Personal Financial Planning based in South America, Wealth Management in the International arena. I provide my clients with bespoke financial solutions to suit their personal needs and objectives. I work with senior management and International people of many nationalities and across many different industries. I provide a highly personalised approach with a large emphasis on relationships and client service.

Before working for CI Associates I co-founded ¨The Xfor Group¨ in 2004 and served as Managing Director for nine years. I have been working as an International Independent Financial based in South America since 2014. I am based mainly in Chile, I have clients spread through out Latin America so i visit various regions throughout the year.


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