OCTOBER 25-29, 2017

Are you ready for a mindfulness retreat, specifically created for conscious entrepreneurs?

Michael and Jill Knouse welcome you to their very first

Dharma Retreat

October 25th – October 29th, 2017

The Historic Reed House
Manzanita Beach, Oregon

Join your peers and to move into alignment with your deepest purpose at the first-ever Dharma Retreat.

Space is extremely limited. Sign-ups have begun.

The Law of Dharma or Purpose in Life

“Everyone has a purpose in life . . . a unique gift or special talent to give to others. When we blend this unique talent with service to others, we experience the ecstasy and exultation of our own spirit, which is the ultimate goal.”
– Deepak Chopra

This retreat is for purpose-driven entrepreneurs who are READY to answer the call - who are ready to RECEDE from the day to day grind and align powerfully to EXPAND in vision, and in purpose, in your work in the world.

  • Daily highly experiential workshops designed to align with your Dharma
  • Special Guest presenters
  • Daily YOGA designed to embody your Dharma through breath, mantra, movement and intention
  • Nourishment through thoughtfully prepared meals made with seasonal ingredients and lots of love by our private, professional chef, Sarah Rankin + her staff
  • Plenty of time to play, adventure and integrate

I’m ready to dramatically up-level my business and MY LIFE with a vibrant, inspiring community at the Dharma Retreat!

October 25 - 29, 2017

Tentative Schedule:


- Is your Zone of Genius being expressed in the most aligned and joyful way?!

THURSDAY – The Power of Contraction and Expansion (and the importance of both)

- Deconstruction of your business – understanding where are your thriving & where are you not?

- Rebuilding – consciously stepping into the most powerful version of your brilliance and owning it.

- Saying “yes” to the practice of Deep Work



- Focus & Flow State

- Health: State of physical body, wellness, energy

- Self Expression: Self-worth, using and expressing your gifts, talents, personality, strengths and emotions

- Relationships: Family, friends, close colleagues, support

- Network: Community, strategic partners, parallel playmates

- Money: Cash flow, revenue, investments, budgeting, insurance

- Spirituality: Connection to purpose, higher source, love and self

- Environment: Home, office, physical space, furnishings, equipment/technology

- Nature: Connection to outdoors, natural beauty, seasons, cycle of life


- Using your truest most powerful VOICE

- Includes experiential workshop with Lululemon Leader, Kathryn Durkin


- Have fun chipping away at what gets IN THE WAY

- Make your work your play

- Step into your greatest most expanded self


- Tie it ALL together + next steps

- Actionable items to catapult you forward into the next most powerful iteration of your business, your purpose, your life, your DHARMA


About the Historic Reed House

Built in 1916, this fantastic house was owned by the Reed family. Sitting front and center on Beulah Reed Road. After deeding a sizable land grant which would become part of Oswald West State Park, the Hwy 101 bridge connecting the park to the highway on Neahkahnie mountain is named after the Reed family. Cousins were founding members of Reed College. The family was very involved with work involving the Portland Art Museum and were part of a thriving arts community in the Neahkahnie community.

This house was updated in 2014 to it’s original glory with modern conveniences to take advantage of the stellar location.Enjoy the huge deck spanning the front of the house and along the side of the house covering a full lot. Nestled into the side yard is our own private fire pit to gather round and roast S’mores or quiet conversation around a fire with a glass of your favorite beverage.

Secure your space at this unique retreat to build community with your entrepreneurial peers

A Note From Your Hosts

Dear Inspired Entrepreneur,

This retreat is for those who feel the call.

RECEDE from the day to day grind.

Align and powerfully EXPAND in vision, in purpose, in your work in the world.

Dramatically up-level your business and YOUR LIFE with the support of a vibrant, inspiring, like-minded community.

Contraction is the necessary prerequisite for expansion.

And, together we will explore both.

We do our best work as a team. And, we are so incredibly excited to bring this focused coaching and mindfulness immersion retreat to a very select, intimate group of passionate entrepreneurs.

Join us at this unique retreat to build community with your entrepreneurial peers!

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See you there,

Jill & Michael