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Regularly sleeping less than 7-9 hours every night has been linked to lower career satisfaction, infant deaths, postpartum depression, AND SO MUCH MORE.

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As a brand new mom, I cried daily. I didn't have the courage to go out, I felt unattractive, and there were days I didn't have the time to shower! Ever felt the same?

Deep down, I knew things could get better. I started on a journey discovering the power of sleep. I got my baby to sleep 8 hours without waking up by 10 weeks! But even when she was sleeping through the night, I had problems. I couldn't sleep! My body was used to getting up, I had the first-time Mother anxieties and then finally, I started practicing what I was teaching her.

Now that we are both sleeping well, I can’t describe the difference it’s made in our lives.

Sleep is the magical cornerstone of true personal and career success.

Rachel, founder of Sleep 10:2, LLC.