Enhance Business Performance, and Increase ROI, With Better Data

Check out any successful organization and you’ll come across data management technology in place. That shows how important effective data management is to the success of an organization.

The right data management solution will help you overcome the challenge associated with big data while giving you a plan to tackle future data-related problems.

phpGrid Enables You To Unleash the Potential of Your Data


phpGrid is a PHP CRUD generator and an application component that is designed with one main goal- to simplify data management. Built with IT and business collaboration in mind, phpGrid plays a critical role in the overall management of your database or CMS system that requires any CRUD (Select, Insert, Update, Delete) operations. Integrating phpGrid into your database system will dramatically reduce development time.

Whether you’re trying to transform your big data into big opportunity or make your data work smarter and faster, phpGrid will get you there. So, go ahead. Be in charge of your data management.

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  • Transparent Operations

    phpGrid is a CRUD datagrid that allows users to view or edit data fields without giving them complete access to the entire database. All required SQL statement for CRUD operations can be generated on the fly and are completely transparent to the users

  • Boost Productivity

    SBy quickly and easily accessing the data you need and working from a single point of control, you will be able to increase your productivity.

  • Sharing of Workload

    phpGrid creates an intuitive interface that enables you to entrust data to business users, thereby giving them more control and enabling you to handle other critical tasks.


Making a perfect CRUD in Two Lines of Code

phpGrid is designed to take over database storage, retrieval function calls as well as online validation. This will go a long way in eliminating the time-consuming programming tasks thereby freeing your IT staff to develop robust applications in record time. Once phpGrid has been installed and integrated within the data framework, all that your developer needs are just TWO lines of code to generate an attractive, custom-designed datagrid.

$dg = new C_DataGrid("SELECT * FROM orders", "orderNumber", "orders");

$dg -> display();

In a nutshell

  • •The first line takes the SQL Select statement with its primary key and table name;
  • •The last displays the grid.

You can enable edit by simply calling enable_edit().

When you set it to INLINE mode, the cells in the selected row become editable, and you need to press the Enter key to save changes. In INLINE edit mode, a single click triggers edit, just as it is in Excel.

When edit is enabled in a grid, all of the CRUD operations- Create, Read, Update, and Delete, is supported by default. You can edit a single row in either mode (except Delete).

You can restrict the types of edit operations permitted by specifying the second parameter in enable_edit(). For example, to allow only read and update, you can change it to $operations='RU'.

$dg ->enable_edit("FORM", "RU");

Compatibility With Modern Browsers

phpGrid is compatible with modern web browsers with HTML5 support. Such browsers include:

Google Chrome

Internet Explorer




Frequently Asked Question

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phpGrid provides a strong set of tools that allow you to create beautiful and editable customized CRUD quickly and easily to develop a number of data management systems, such as:

  • Inventory Management Systems
  • Product Catalogs
  • Business Directories
  • Purchase Orders
  • Employee Directories
  • Statistics Monitoring
  • Project Management
  • Custom CRM
  • And lots more.

Whether you are a seasoned developer or new to PHP, phpGrid’s flexibility will enable you to create sophisticated applications in a wide array of businesses and industries.

While minimizing the number of errors and improving employee productivity, phpGrid provides the functionality to:

  • Support all HTML form elements, including WYSIWYG.
  • Allow for customized data validation, which can be based on the type of data as defined in the database or on a validation routine defined by the system programmer.
  • Create data groups, which can be defined and summarized easily.

Most websites today are dynamic (the information is not static) as is the case with traditional HTML pages. The information on such websites are pulled from a database and then displayed on the web page. A Web Application Framework (WAF) supports the development of dynamic websites, as well as Web applications, services and resources. It reduces overhead and standardizes function calls.

With just a few tweaks, phpGrid can integrate easily with many popular PHP frameworks such as:

  • Laravel
  • Zend Framework (both 1 and 2)
  • Bootstrap
  • CodeIgniter
  • Yii
  • Symfony

Users with strong programming background will be able to easily and quickly create sophisticated data management systems by adding phpGrid as a component to the frameworks above.


  • client-1

    This CRUD tool set allows us to bring information to market faster, and enhances our value to the organization.”

    • Brian Pearson / CIO STACKED Restaurants

  • client-2

    I have come to love and depend on phpGrid for customer web applications, internal administration web apps, and reports and research tools for our many databases. It drastically cuts development time... I couldn't imagine not having phpGrid in our toolbox.”

    • Stephen Funk / bangwebworks.com

  • Easy Integration With Modern Relationship Databases


    You can easily integrate phpGrid with any modern relationship database, such as:

    • MySQL
    • DB2
    • SQL Server
    • PostGreSQL
    • SQLite
    • Oracle
    • Microsoft Access, and
    • Google Spreadsheets

    It generates a complete backend for your database.

    Kindly note that “save” is disabled in the online demo for security reasons.

    • Introduction
    • A Basic PHP Datagrid Example
    • Work With Different Databases
    • Local Array Data Source *
    • Column Grouping with Summary *
    • phpGrid, phpChart Integration
    • CRUD PHP Datagrid (Editable Datagrid) *
    • Grid Edit Types - Select, Checkbox, Textarea, Autocomplete, WYSIWYG, etc.
    • Grid Edit Types - Select, Checkbox, Textarea, Autocomplete, WYSIWYG, etc.
    • Customize Edit Form Layout
    • Inline Edit Actions Column
    • phpGrid, Twitter Bootstrap Integration
    • phpGridLaravel Integration
    • phpGrid, Laravel 5 and Bootstrap 3 - Part I
    • phpGrid and Zend Framework Integration


    Save Time. Increase Profits.

    View Complex Data Relationships In An Intuitive Manner

    phpGrid offers a number of attractive ways to display data, with respect to the functionality. Some themes are mobile responsive, some allow images while some have a built-in search function. Also, some themes allow multiple levels of subgrids used for parent-to-child relationships. For instance, one order (parent) can comprise multiple items (children) and each item will have its own description, quantity and selling price. Also, one customer (parent) can have multiple orders (children). By making use of the proper theme, phpGrid enables you to easily view these complex data relationships in an intuitive manner.

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