Unlock Your

Human Potential

For a long time now, we’ve realised that the one-size-fits all approach just doesn’t cut it, and that there is a growing need for personalisation in the fitness and nutrition industries. We are all unique, and because of this it’s important to know what works, or doesn’t work, for you.

In this Fitness Guide you will explore the world of DNAFit: what genes we test for and how our test can help you optimise your fitness. You can use these insights to make lifestyle changes that work.

In this guide you’ll learn:

What fitness markers we look at and what it means for your training

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We want the best for you. Want to know your caffeine sensitivity? Done. Wondered if you respond to power or endurance exercises? Sorted. And so much more. Find out more about DNAFit today to understand the endless possibilities we bring to the industry.