All Around The World

In "All Around The World" a family of four goes on a trip to tour the world. They visit beautiful places and join together to experience new cultures. This book is a model, a mini atlas, and inspiration for children and parents to easily resonate with. Traveling can be overwhelming sometimes for parents and children. "All Around The World" will encourage children to embrace their new atmosphere and meet changes with a brave exploring heart.

The Artist

The Inspiration

Keyaira Horne, a Midsouth Tennessee native. She started writing from youth. All aroung the world is her debut book.

Keyaira loves all art mediums and writing is one of her favorite forms of art expressing ones ideas. When she is not writing children's book you can find her networking her way through the business world, and exploring with her adorably spunky toddler and mischievous car "fancy".


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