Trunkit is a premium Junk removal

Trunkit is a premium Junk removal and recycling mobile app developed to provide an innovative and effective waste management system. We are the Uber of junk. A recycling platform designed to recreate and restructure our environment.

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Our Story

Trunkit was born from years of experience and passion for saving our environment. Located in Toronto, Canada, we wanted to change the way wastes and junks are managed and disposed around the globe. We have explored the world of digital marketing to develop an innovative and efficient strategy to help reduce greenhouse emission gases in our environment.

Providing a world-class solution to make our community healthy and safe. Leveraging a platform that is responsive and easy to use, we connect truck/pickup owners to customers who are looking for a way to dispose of their waste for a lot cheaper then regular rates without constituting environmental hazards.

We disrupt the junk removal industry by providing a cutting-edge solution that allows drivers to generate revenues while delivering an affordable waste pick up service using their vehicles (pickups, van, etc.).

How It Works

Trunkit is a Geolocation on-demand app. We connect junk owners with drivers, allowing drivers pick up and drop off products. The junk owners post pictures of their products and the description of what they are, while the driver sees the location of the products and offer a bid.

Mission Statement

Experiencing our world getting hotter and unfavorable due to climate change caused by the excess emission of greenhouse gases to the environment, we took it upon ourselves to make a difference. Not just a change but an impact that creates opportunities, affordability, and healthy life.

Our Philosophy

We believe by making recycling more accessible and cheaper; we can significantly reduce the emission of greenhouse gases and build a clean and conducive environment for our future. With you at our forefront, we aim to personalize your experience.

Our Vision

As a company passionate about the people and our community, we strive to promote better health by reducing the emission of greenhouse gases caused by waste burning.